Monday, July 28, 2008

a short entry about today's class

Another 13'er. Perhaps that's my lucky number. Three teachers in attendance; one new-to-me student, a traveler who disagreed with our hardwood floor. It was a good Monday morning class. When I started I let the class know I felt some discomfort in my left eye, so if they caught me winking they shouldn't take it as flirtation. Everyone got a good chuckle. Always a great way to start.

Except I later learned that the discomfort was something far more serious. Since it persisted during and after class, I removed my contact lens in hoped I'd feel some relief. No luck. I called my eye doctor just in case, and learned I have a corneal laceration. (I strongly suggest you avoid any urge to google that, especially if you have a delicate stomach.) Overall I feel pretty all right, though my left-eye vision is blurry. So I'll quit this entry early and rest my eyeballs.

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