Monday, August 11, 2008

what can be said about a monday?

16 students today. No newbies; one traveler who has visited the studio before. She had a great sense of humor, which I certainly appreciated.

Monday morning, especially after a restless, sleepless night, meant a quieter class at first. Really, though... I have the same intention every class: keep 'em breathing. Eventually I animated some, made some corrections, and chose to teach one posture (standing separate leg stretching) in an accent. I don't necessarily want the reputation of the comic teacher, but in those moments the humor feels appropriate.

I had yet another struggler today. He is a regular struggler. I taught his first class, and he left the room then. I know this practice, and the successful completion of each class, means a lot to him. I would like him to find some space in the practice. Again, we can wreck our bodies for 90 minutes, or we can kill our egos for 90 minutes. I should hope folks choose the latter.

I might need some help in really sussing things out on this blog. Perhaps a writing workshop, as corny as that sounds. Lynda Barry's new book interests me, but of course I worry about falling into the buying trap. I know I have so much stuff spinning around in my skull, but every time I sit at this computer it can't make its way from the head to the fingertips.

I didn't intend to list the minutiae of each class I teach. I want to examine how someone like me makes her way in the world of yoga, especially in our charming culture. But I can't find the words. Especially not now, since one of my houseguests finally woke from her slumber.

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