Friday, August 8, 2008

all eights

Perhaps today is a lucky day. At the very least I get two entries in.

Taught in the afternoon. Another 13'er! Yes, that just might be my lucky number. Two out-of-towners, and they had a friend come in for her first class. Also had a long-timer pay us a return visit after spending a lot of time recuperating from injuries. Today was fun. I think I've found my stride as a teacher.

Our first-time student smiled as she exited the studio, telling me she appreciated all my detailed adjustments and instructions.

Our long-time returning student clasped my hand when she left the room, and also shared a smile with me. She was so strong in the room; no one would have pegged her for coming back after a long sabbatical. I told her all her hard work for all those years left her with plenty in her yoga bank, so her body didn't forget. She then told me she's visited studios in several states, and she felt I'm one of the strongest teachers she's experienced. That meant a lot to me. Students pay me compliments often (not to pat myself on the back, which I reckon is the most self-serving asana of all), but her words touched me. When you have a student who struggles, for whatever reason, and that student can find his/her way in your class... well, it means a lot to me.

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