Thursday, October 2, 2008

apparently i know "the secret"

Taught twice since last post. Don't remember much of yesterday's class, minus that it went smoothly. No hitches. Nothing spectacular.

This afternoon? Not so smooth. It all started out when a regular student commented that our clocks were off. I actually had noticed this myself, as sometimes I check my cell phone before class for some reason only to find it reads a few minutes faster than our studio clocks. Maybe two or three minutes; not enough for me to panic or stress. But this student noticed. Our cell phone times matched, and those matched the studio computer time. So I reset the clocks to match as well, which moved them up two minutes faster.

I told this student, "Now watch. I bet people show up late today."

Careful what you wish for.

Funny thing is: I still started a minute late, since I had students in the restrooms. But as soon as I shut the door and made it to the podium, I saw a car pull into the back driveway, followed by another car and then a student on bike.

I know I should let this go. It's just circumstance, and perhaps now folks will pay attention to the time. But of course I'm dwelling. It definitely resulted in a messed-up class for me. I was hardly present, and I kept flubbing lines.

That's it. I'm tired of the computer now.

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Let Live Animal Rights said...

hey line flubber, congratulations on the studio! that's huge!

the first paragraph of your "i don't wanna grow up" entry made me laugh.

"at least 2 descendents songs." hahaha! they got replaced by jawbreaker, who then got replaced by lifetime. who then got replaced by....who? i'm too old to know i guess.

when i liked a girl i gave her tapes with mentors and AC songs on it. always worked.