Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yoga teacher by day, election nerd by night

Blogging is lower on the list of priorities these days. In a way, I wish it weren't. I don't hold any delusions that countless yogis and dharma punx hang on to my every word, but I often find my head spinning with thoughts about my teaching, my own practice, and challenges with both. They should probably end up somewhere at some point, no? I've also put my written journaling on hold, which means the thoughts just keep on spinnin'. So much energy goes into simply maintaining the studio at its current level. I'd like it to grow, but perhaps I should look at my business as I do my practice and accept slow, steady change.

And my shoulder pain definitely doesn't make for easy times at the computer. I seriously think typing exacerbates the pain, as opposed to practice. Still, today I will take a day off after running errands and spending time talking to a web designer to help update our site. I've already taught twice today, so that should count towards time in the room, eh?

6am attendance: four students. I now have a newbie coming for these early morning practices, which eliminates the opportunity to practice with my students. A small class allows for many more corrections and adjustments, at least. My newbie certainly appreciated that. I think the rest of my small class did as well. The opportunity to share my passion for yoga with people who also approach their practices with passion and an eye for growth... I'm not quite sure how to put the feeling into words. I don't think it's possible. I find myself able to focus on the present moment, on the task at hand, without worrying about consequences and final outcomes. How rare to find oneself getting paid to essentially meditate.

9am attendance: ten students. Day two of one token fellow as well. The 6am class, even when I don't practice, definitely energizes me for the rest of the day. I managed to finish class in under 90 minutes. I like those days, if only to allow students more time in final savasana. Overall I think I'm getting better at integrating corrections and suggestions into my dialogue. I'm noticing certain phrases rolling off my tongue with more ease, and an ability to address individual corrections without losing time or focus. This class had strong, steady students, which I'm sure helped create that feeling of ease.

I had a new-to-me student in this class, who asked me my schedule before she left. That always feels good.

I also had two vegans in class today. How about that?!

I think I need a nap, and then: dinner and debate number three. Yes, today I will skip practice so I can see a debate in its entirety. As if I need any help making my decision in November.


Let Live Animal Rights said...

you know who i wanna hear them talk about in the debates? joe the yogi.

i own a small business and i don't care if my taxes go up so long as we end this fucking war and don't reverse roe v. wade. jeebus, i'd give all my money and any future money to the feds if they'd promise me those two things.

anna said...

my friend, that will never happen. a plumber (even an unlicensed, tax-evading plumber) looks better to undecideds and middle america than a yoga teacher. i mean, yoga teachers don't even believe in jeebus!

i'm all for keeping roe v. wade and ending the war, but i'd like a little bit more. like maybe better public transportation systems? is that so weird?